May 2019

LYSO + ZnS(Ag) new order

Today I’ve made a new order from The Rad Lab. This time I’ve found on it’s ebay store a stock of 20 LYSO crystals to be used as gamma scintillators with my new SiPM photomultiplier. I haven’t wrote anything about it? Ok… I’ve bought from Mouser this AFBR-S4N44C013 Broadcomm SiPM silicon photomultiplier tube and it needs some little scintillator crystal.

Broadcomm 4x4mm SiPM

I’m planning to test it with LYSO from The Rad Lab. If it works well I’ll made a kickstarter campaign for an ultra small gamma

LYSO crystals under UV light

spectrometer based appon LYSO + SiPM with USB connection.

There’s no high voltage need by the SiPM! This means that I could design a very compact circuit. I’ve also bough an ZnS(Ag) scintillator disc to test my PMT and the new SiPM with it to try some alpha particle counting.

ZnS(Ag) image by The Rad Lab